Duration from 3.09.2018 to 23.09.2018

Who can take a part in the competition?

Each user of the Cryptorg service can participate in the competition. Users must be connected to any of the five exchanges. New users of the service who have free test two-week accounts also can take a part in the competition.

Duration of the competition

The time of the beginning - 00:00 GMT of September 3, 2018. The end - 23:59 GMT of September 23, 2018.

Rules of the competition and the determination of winners

The rules of the competition are extremely simple. You need to complete as many positive trading cycles as possible (the deal should end with a take-profit). As participants with large deposits, as those who competently select trading pairs that bring the greatest profit, can be winners. In Cryptorg service you can find a special page of the competition. In the online mode a rating table will be formed with the nicknames of participants and the sum of the successfully completed cycles. Each participant will be able to track the result and adjust his trading strategy.


Successfully completed cycles on the KickCoin on the Kucoin exchange go into offset with a coefficient of х5. After completing 10 successful trading cycles, the participant gets 50 points in the rating table!

Attention! We can control only those transactions that are made from the Cryptorg service. If you carry out transactions directly on the exchange, they can’t be accounted for and don’t go into credit.

Please note, that completed trading cycles will be considered for a specific login and personal cabinet. If you have several accounts connected to the exchanges inside your personal cabinet, then you are more likely to succeed, as the completed cycles will be the same. You can connect to the competition at any time, just register on Cryptorg and set up bots for trading!

After three weeks we can determinate the winners according to the leaderboard. Within a week, participants receive prizes in their wallets. Preparations for the new competition are under way.

Table of prizes

The prize fund of this competition is the equivalent of 1000 USD in KickCoin at the time of the competition start.

1-5 places - 50% of the total prize fund
6-10 places - 30% of the total prize fund
11-20 places - 20% от of the total prize fund

Parameter Data
Exchanges Kucoin Binance Bittrex Bitfinex Poloniex
Trading pairs All pairs on Cryptorg.net
Trading pairs of sponsor BTC-KICK, ETH-KICK
Coinmarketcap Go to
Dates 3.09.2018 - 23.09.2018
Prize fund 1000 USD in KickCoin coins (~30000 KickCoin)
Terms of payment Within a week after the competition

Preliminary results

Showing the first 30 places

Place Login Balls
1 Papi******a 9810
2 trad******u 4922
3 MOKO******O 4293
4 Vlad******r 3618
5 poli******5 3595
6 Alex******h 3035
7 Russ******n 2996
8 ERND******A 2511
9 Alex******r 2347
10 Mad_******n 2205
11 sono******e 2142
12 toma******k 2110
13 frvr******s 1819
14 mia1******2 1708
15 Toka******4 1702
16 max1******m 1545
17 IGOR******N 1533
18 dim1******2 1403
19 Joha******s 1345
20 Euge******v 1286
21 Test******1 1248
22 sers******h 1230
23 Prof******t 1178
24 kons******g 1146
25 vova******7 1117
26 meta******c 1009
27 Artu******v 1009
28 SIDO******X 1004
29 solo******v 978
30 Ivan******h 976

Information about KICKICO

The project was a successful ICO in autumn 2017.

KICKICO — a unique platform for crowdfunding 2.0, based on the technology of blocking. KICKICO allows you to run different types of campaigns to raise funds: ICO, preICO, crowdinvesting and crowdfunding.

KICKICO  — is a platform oriented towards a self-organizing community and created specifically for it! This is the new economic reality. And the community build it. A lot of companies and investors found each other using this platform.

Now the KickCoin token (KICK) is traded on different exchanges, including Kucoin, EXMO, HitBTC, Mercatox, Gate.io, Bancor, Bibox, Coinbene, IDEX, EtherDelta.

The maximum price of the token since a listing reached 0.2 $, the daily trading volume exceeds 300,000 $.

In 2018-2019 the company plans serious development and to introduce into the KickCoin ecosystem several other related projects, including its own exchange. This should positively affect the course of the coin.

We are waiting for you among the participants of the competition!

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