Duration from 11.05.2020 to 31.05.2020

Dear friends! Cryptorg continues a series of regular competitions with real cash prizes. This time the prize will be $10 000! You can continue to trade on your favorite exchanges using Cryptorg and get rewards for it!

The competition will continue three weeks from 11 May 2020 till 31 May 2020. The competition starts and ends at 17:00 GMT. Sponsored by the Fetch.

Who can take a part in the competition?

Each user of the Cryptorg service who has an active account on one of the connected exchanges (Binance or Cryptorg.exchange) can take a part in the competition.

Rules of competition

You can earn rating points by trading using bots and manually via a web-terminal in Cryptorg.

1. Trading with bots. You need to trade as much FET coin as possible on the Binance and Cryptorg.exchange.

2. Manual trading. Also you can earn rating points by trading manually via our web-terminal with the FET coin..

Calculation of points
1. Trading via bots. 1 point = $ 1 of the traded volume.
2. Trading via terminal. 1 point = $ 2 of the traded volume.

* Cryptorg.exchange has an increase factor - x1.5 .

Conversion from BTC, BNB to USD occurs in the end of a bot's deal at the exchange rate.


We can control only deals that were made using the Cryptorg service. Deals carried out directly on the exchange can’t be counted.

After three weeks, we will determinate winners according to the leaderboard. During the week winners will get their prizes on wallets. We are preparing a new competition.

Prize table

The prize fund of the competition is 550 000 FET coins (equivalent to 10,000 USD in FET coins at the time of the competition’s start).

1-5 places – ~$4050 (~$810 for each)
6-10 places – ~$2700 (~$540 for each)
11-20 places – ~$2250 (~$225 for each)

Additionally ~$1000 will be distributed to 20 random participants (~ $ 50 each) with rating points received for trading on the Cryptorg.exchange.

* During the competition, the price of FET may change. This means that the actual reward can be either more or less, in terms of USD.

Exchanges Binance, Cryptorg.exchange
Sponsor of competition Fetch
Trading pairs FET/USDT, FET/BTC, FET/BNB (Binance)
USDT-FET, BTC-FET, BNB-FET (Cryptorg.exchange)
Dates 11.05.2020 - 31.05.2020
Prize fund 550 000 FET (~ 10 000 USD)
Terms of payment Within a week after the competition

You can track the results in real-time mode on this page or in your account in the "Competition" section.

We are waiting for your participation!


Showing the first 30 places

Place Login Points
1 ERND******A 119474.8131
2 el12******2 117103.3992
3 Cryp******p 106332.5836
4 Serg******5 103563.8745
5 ramo******6 94385.1023
6 Krot******t 88411.3617
7 Susa******n 85632.7879
8 tup1******9 84996.2045
9 rusy******7 84922.3771
10 djov******i 84827.1173
11 Vita******k 81115.5654
12 Magd******a 79744.1834
13 Mad_******n 75611.8715
14 r52******2 75269.1322
15 trum******p 70490.1397
16 kluk******a 68352.1572
17 Rodr******s 67708.7258
18 Utan******4 65968.6432
19 Scal******p 65166.6295
20 gold******n 57995.7697
21 Dwar******f 56101.7023
22 anig******r 54958.4140
23 fant******i 52634.7822
24 grea******k 52152.2568
25 live******n 50746.2985
26 alva******s 47639.3823
27 Mars******s 44793.0604
28 repr******3 44532.4660
29 tsig******l 43257.7839
30 igor******o 42890.7383


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