Cryptorg provides an opportunity to earn extra money through trading mining

We are grateful to our community, which has been with us since 2017. It motivates us to develop and to make trading better and more convenient.

From May 1, 2019, the platform provides to users a possibility of mining (Trade-to-mine) by trading bots. Cryptorg launches its own ERC20 token on the Ethereum network to charge rewards. Rewards charges for each successful deal completed by the bots. Tokens can be withdraw from the platform to an external wallet. The more tokens you have, the more you will receive rewards for each transaction with bots.

Information about CTG token

  • Name: ERC20 Cryptorg Token (CTG)
  • Etherscan Link: link
  • Coingecko Link: link
  • Total supply: 100 000 000 CTG
  • Token distribution:
    5 % - team of Cryptorg;
    15 % - developing;
    10 % - marketing;
    1 % - bounty programm;
    19 % - holders.
    5 % - expenses for payment for deals until May 1, 2019;
    45 % - expenses for payment for Trade-to-Mine;

Where is CTG traded?

BTC-ALPHA exchange. Trading pair: USD-CTG

How does Trade-to-mine work?

Trade-to-mine is a model for obtaining tokens by trading with bots on the Cryptorg platform. It is not required classic mining (GPU farms and ASIC devices). To get more income, you need to make as many trade as possible using bots.

The effectiveness of one successful transaction depends on such values as:

  • deal volume
  • current tariff
  • amount of tokens in account balance
  • number of transactions for the last day on the platform

More detailed formula for calculating the weight of the transaction can be found here.

Once a day the platform will generate a block, containing a strictly fixed number of tokens. Coins from blocks will be distributed between traders (depending on the performance of their deals), as well as between holders (wallets or accounts with more than 100 thousand CTG tokens). Every 120 days the number of generated coins will change according to the table. This approach will provide stable financial growth for users and ensures that they will get benefit from mining.

Reward distribution table

Period Reward per day Miners 70 % Holders 30 % Total CTG
1-120 день 25,000 17,500 7,500 3,000,000
121-240 33,333 23,333 10,000 4,000,000
241-360 41,666 29,166 12,500 5,000,000
361-480 50,000 35,000 15,000 6,000,000
481-600 58,333 40,833 17,500 7,000,000
601-720 50,000 35,000 15,000 6,000,000
721-840 41,666 29,166 12,500 5,000,000
841-960 33,333 23,333 10,000 4,000,000
961-1080 25,000 17,500 7,500 3,000,000
1081-1200 16,666 11,666 5,000 2,000,000
Итого: 45 000 000 CTG

Attention! Each account or wallet owning more than 100,000 tokens receives a portion of the profit from mining (proportional part of 30% of the daily reward). The most profitable option is to keep tokens on Cryptorg and trade bots at the same time. In this case, the weight of deals will be the highest (see the Formula above). This will allow you to extract the maximum profit from trade mining. Users who store tokens on the platform will be reward daily.

CTG Token Requirement

  • 25% discount on fess for trading on
  • Trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Payment of tariffs on with an additional benefit.
  • Possibility to buy different digital products in internal Marketplace.
  • Payment of tariffs on Cryptorg subsidiary projects with margin trading.
  • Token introduction as the main unit of account for copy-trading on Cryptorg and its subsidiary projects.