Duration from 30.11.2020 to 06.12.2020

Friends, Cryptorg service continues a series of regular contests with prizes. This time, our partners at TradingView have dedicated Premium accounts to the winners! You can continue to trade using the Cryptorg platform and receive rewards for it!

The competition will last 7 days from 11/30/2020 to 12/06/2020 inclusive. The start and end time of the competition is 09:00 GMT.

Who can take a part in the competition?

Each user of the Cryptorg service who has an active account on Cryptorg.exchange can take a part in the competition.

Rules of competition

You can earn rating points by trading using bots only.

You need to complete as much as possible deals by trading bots on the Cryptorg.exchange .

Formula for calculating points:

1 complete deal on Cryptorg.exchange = 1 point

The more bots you trade and the more often they complete deals, the higher the chances of winning. The winners will be the truly most experienced and successful traders!


After 10 days, the winners are determined according to the rating table. Cryptorg administration contacts winners via e-mail and sends ruble codes to be credited to your Garantex account.

Prize table

1st Place - 3 Months Premium plan on TradingView Platform
2nd place - 3-month Pro plan + tariff on the TradingView platform
3rd place - 3-month Pro plan on TradingView platform
4th place - $ 50 coupon for Cryptorg account replenishment
5th place - $ 30 coupon for Cryptorg account replenishment
6th place - $ 20 coupon for Cryptorg account replenishment

Parameter Value
Exchanges Cryptorg.exchange
Trading pairs All pairs. Spot and Futures markets.
Dates 30.11.2020 - 06.12.2020
Prize fund Plans of TradingView and Cryptorg
Terms of payment Within a week after the competition

You can track the results in real-time mode on this page or in your account in the "Competition" section.

We are waiting for your participation!


Showing the first 30 places

Place Login Points
1 Stal******s 36713
2 Repn******f 8467
3 tup1******9 6151
4 Dwar******f 5571
5 Roma******1 4815
6 Rodr******s 4095
7 Fed0******r 3838
8 Krum******y 3218
9 ifoo******c 3099
10 Chek******g 2766
11 Ruba******f 2687
12 alex******m 2061
13 Rash******n 1951
14 spac******n 1795
15 Andr******7 1715
16 Geor******j 1646
17 Serg******5 1594
18 AKSI******K 1509
19 Oleg******a 1422
20 el12******2 1371
21 alek******5 1365
22 Cash******7 1324
23 Serg******v 1311
24 Ultr******a 1281
25 max1******m 1236
26 Ivan******o 1234
27 molo******m 1158
28 den_******s 1142
29 bs******s 1074
30 Kryp******n 986

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