The simplest rules for using the Cryptorg service, bot settings and money-management.

Basic moments of working with

The rules for using the service are quite simple. You need to have a deposit on one of the crypto exchange: Poloniex, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Binance. The Binance is most popular among users, because on this exchange is not required verification and the lowest commission from all exchanges is 0.1% of the volume of the transaction. If you have an internal coin of the exchange BNB on your account, the commission will be 0.05%.

Your deposit on the exchange must be linked to the service using API keys (the keys have only access to trading and reading). Then you can start setting the bots. You can use the Quick Start Instructions (all links are available after registration in a service).

Our service is not the place where everyone will do it for you. You need to set the bots yourself and choose trading pairs. Only after that the bots do the work for you, based on your settings.

The recommended deposit for work is from 0.1 BTC or 1000 USDT. With such deposit you can build good money-management.

Money-management. How many bots? Settings for bot’s work?

These questions are the most popular. There are no uniform rules. Because someone prefers aggressive trade and somebody is conservative. There are a few basic rules that need to be followed:

1 The number of safety orders (SO) must be sufficient for the whole deposit. For example, your deposit is 0.1 BTC, the minimum order volume at the Binance Exchange is 0.001 BTC, which means that this deposit will be enough to trigger 100 SO. The recommended number of SO for 1 bot is 30-35. So, you can create 3 bots and the number of safety orders will be enough for their work. Below there are the parameters of the volume of the deposit and the recommended number of bots for work, based on the calculations above.

The parameters of the volume of the deposit and the recommended number of bots.
Deposit Quantity of SO Quantity of bots Order volume
0.1 BTC 30-35 3 0.001 BTC
0.2 BTC 30-35 6 0.001 BTC
0.3 BTC 30-35 10 0.001 BTC
0.4 BTC 30-35 13 0.001 BTC
0.5 BTC 30-35 15 0.001 BTC
1 BTC 30-35 30 0.001 BTC

There is an important moment. The larger the amount of the deposit, the more order amounts can be placed. If a deposit 0.1 BTC it is better to trade the lowest possible volume. With the growth of the deposit it is better to raise it slightly. For example, I am creator of this service, and with a deposit 1 BTC I trade in volumes 0.01 BTC. For a deposit 1 BTC I will use only 4 bots with a trading volume 0.01 BTC and 30-35 SO (safety orders).

The main rule is that the deposit must be enough to cover all SO (safety orders). Otherwise everyone is free to follow their settings.

2 Recommended Take Profit level (TP). The average value of service customers from 0.5% to 1%.

3 The recommended step between safety orders is 1%. This value is used by most service customers. What does this step mean? It means that if the price drops for every 1% a new volume will be added to the work. The entry point is averaged. The level of take profit becomes lower. When the level of SO is higher, you can withstand a large drawdown of the price in a negative events.

Some customers use steps less than 1%. Till 0.3%. This can be effective in a growing or fluttering market. But if there is a price drop, you can become in a short time an "investor" and then wait for a long time a take profit.

4 How to choose trading pairs? Trading pairs can be selected with different principles:

  • Someone trades only with coins he believes in. In the case of a bot sinking he will become a coin holder and wait for an exit on the take-profit;
  • Someone trades using different signals. As soon as the signal comes out he immediately sets up the bots for this coin;
  • Independent analysis of trading pairs;
  • Full trust to the bot. The bot has several filters that can be activate. The transaction will begin only when all the parameters are match;
  • Section “Statistics”. This section includes all completed by the take-profit transactions for the last hours. So, you can see the most interesting and profitable trading pairs.

General recommendations

Personally, 90% of all my bots trades without filters. Immediately after closing the deal on Take Profit a new one opens and so on. But I'm an experienced trader and I know how to choose trading pairs, because I constantly follow the market. The strategy of working without filters is good for a growing market (as it was in March and April). It allows you to conduct more transactions and get a higher profit.

Many customers of the service use only the Bollinger filter in their work. The opening of the safety order occurs when the lower level of the Bollinger channel is touched on a 5-minute time frame. The bot starts the trading cycle. The Bollinger filter is the most popular among our users.

Also, you can add to the work a Day filter. It analyzes the day candle stick. And if the day is unprofitable, a Day filter prohibits the bot trading. This method has allowed to survive several market drops during the last 6 month.

You should be aware that with activated filters bots can not start a deal right away.

Errors of exchanges and the bots

You should know that exchanges do not always work stably. Sometimes there can be errors. As a rule, they are not critical, most of them are displayed in the documentation. So, it is recommended to visit your account at least once a day and watch the bidding data.

Profitability of trade and favorable periods

Market rallies are favorable for trading bots. It is the best time to grow BTC through altcoyins. O ctober 17 and February 18 are with drawdowns. Then the bots work in positive direction and make a good profit.

Below I will attach several accounts with different start times. Some of them have already a long enough track record. The explanations will be in the screenshots.

Below is the track record of one of the funds that use the trading bots of the Cryptorg service. Start in March from 30 BTC, then the addition of 10 BTC, total balance is 40 BTC, at the beginning of May the balance was 60 BTC or +20 BTC.

We recommend you to start with 1 test bot. And after testing you can chose your personal tariff, based on your needs.

We have a good community. If you have questions, you can join our Telegram group or Discord, where our administrators or users will answer your questions.