Duration from 15.04.2019 to 05.05.2019

Dear friends! Cryptorg continues a series of regular competitions with real cash prizes. This time the prize will be $ 4000! You can continue to trade on your favorite exchanges using Cryptorg and get rewards for it!

The competition will continue three weeks from 15 April 2019 till 5 May 2019. The competition starts and ends at 00:00 GMT. Sponsored by the SONM.

Who can take a part in the competition?

Each user of the Cryptorg service who has an active account on one of the connected exchanges can take a part in the competition.

Rules of competition

You can earn rating points by trading using bots and manually via a web-terminal in Cryptorg.

1. Trading with bots. It is necessary to trade as much as possible on the SONM token. The volume is recording in the SNM/BTC and SNM/ETH trading pairs on the Binance exchange and the SNM/BTC and SNM/ETH trading pairs on the Kucoin exchange.

2. Manual trading. Also you can earn rating points by trading manually via our web-terminal with the SONM token in SNM/BTC and SNM/ETH pairs on the Binance and Kucoin exchanges.

Calculation of points
1 point = $ 1 of the traded volume. Conversion from BTC and ETH to USD occurs in the end of a bot's deal at the exchange rate.


We can control only deals that were made using the Cryptorg service. Deals carried out directly on the exchange can’t be counted.

After three weeks, we will determinate winners according to the leaderboard. During the week winners will get their prizes on wallets. We are preparing a new competition.


The prize fund of the competition is 150,000 SONM tokens (equivalent to 4,000 USD in SONM tokens at the time of the competition’s start).

1-5 place – 40% of the total prize fund
6-10 place – 30% of the total prize fund
11-20 place – 20% of the total prize fund
21-30 place – 10% of the total prize fund

Parameter Value
Exchanges Binance, Kucoin
Sponsor of commpetition SONM
Trading pairs SNM/BTC and SNM/ETH (Binance)
SNM/BTC and SNM/ETH (Kucoin)
Dates from 15.04.2019 to 05.05.2019
Ptize fund 150000 SONM (~4000 USD)
Terms of payment Within a week after the competition

You can track the results in real-time mode on this page or in your account in the "Competition" section.

We are waiting for your participation!

Showing the first 30 places

Place Login Rating
1 sunr******9 98708.0943
2 R_O_******A 83208.4762
3 Papi******a 81576.9375
4 KA2B******K 78935.6635
5 _zor******_ 77526.0980
6 ERND******A 76700.6816
7 Mad_******n 70478.2709
8 ving******d 60611.3130
9 Baty******n 57727.4346
10 slav******7 54336.5379
11 Lara******E 53840.7787
12 Serg******v 53618.0871
13 r8au******i 34571.0946
14 ALFA******9 33391.7160
15 Sjov******x 31317.8872
16 1eon******d 30526.6130
17 Dima******o 28310.2302
18 rubi******r 27913.0971
19 MRI_******8 24095.4391
20 Bell******a 23702.0724
21 molo******m 14638.9112
22 Watt******t 12646.3875
23 Next******t 12544.3042
24 krip******a 12181.2511
25 Prof******t 11044.2978
26 Alag******r 10803.9192
27 Rodr******s 10030.6573
28 surs******c 9849.0853
29 V1st******8 9101.2521
30 char******9 8499.6541

About SONM

Token SONM (SNM) is trading on Binance, Kucoin, Yobit, Tidex, COSS, IDEX, Coinone. Daily trading volume is more then $100 000. More statistic here Coinmarketcap.

SONM today

  • Founded in 2017
  • 40+ employees located in Singapore, Moscow, and Tallinn
  • Cloud 28+ alliance member (invited by Hewlett-Packard)
  • 1,000,000+ orders to rent computing resources
  • 410,000+ performed computing hours
  • 40+ countries covered by the platform suppliers

SONM has a platform similar to Uber, where instead of searching for a suitable car and performing a ride, the platform searches for a suitable device and performs computations.

  1. SONM builds a distributed Data Center from devices that suppliers connect to the platform. People with unused GPU, SSD or Server and small regional data centers with unsold excess Servers are able to connect their machines to the SONM and get paid for performing computations.
  2. Сustomers can rent the required computing power in this Data Center from an increasing number of suppliers around the world. Clients are able to acquire computing power, located where they need, at the transparent auction price.

SONM develops a universal IT infrastructure capable of performing CGI rendering tasks, neural network training algorithms, CDN and other applications:

Any project on Sonm

Sonm allows anyone to rent computing power. There are different ways to do this, via GUI with the click of a mouse, a command line or even API.

We have a converged market, where computing powers are rented for real business tasks and crypto mining in a universal way, via single and unified API. The whole system outlined above makes this possible: the product for the customer, the architecture, everything is dedicated to making a unified marketplace, where real tasks (like Docker containers) can coexist with mining on the same machines, under a unified pricing and billing model.

Machine learning on Sonm

Sonm's fog computing platform consists of hardware that is optimized to speed up and scale up machine learning workloads for training and inference programmed with: TensorFlow, Theano, Caffe, Apache Spark MLib

Rendering on Sonm

Using Sonm you can render faster with hundreds of instances involved for low, competitive prices and with strict security for your data (all data transfers are encrypted). Using Sonm will require minimal or even no software modifications because of the general-purpose nature of Sonm. We support the most popular renderers.

CDN on Sonm

With Sonm suppliers providing GPUs, servers, hardware etc. all over the world you can run your own CDN ecosystem, so as to ensure the full and fast supply of your content to any spot in the world.

Links to SONM resources: