Duration from 28.01.2019 to 17.02.2019

Who can participate in the competition?

Each user of Cryptorg service, who has an active account on one of the six connected exchanges, can participate in the contest. Even beginners of the service, who have free two-week test accounts, can take part in the contest.

The rules of the contest and selection of winners

The rules of the contest are very simple, you need to complete as many positive trading cycles as possible (the transaction must end with a take profit). Thus, participants will be able to compete for the victory not only with large deposits, but also those who competently choose trading pairs that bring the greatest profit. In the service Cryptorg there will be a special contest page, where online the rating table with nicknames of participants and amount of positively completed cycles will be generated. Each participant will be able to track the result and adjust their trading strategy.

Formula for calculation:
B = 1 / C * T
B - balls for deal;
C - count of active bots of user;
T - tariff coefficient (0.8 — trial, 1 — starter, 1.3 — PRO, 1.5 - Business).

Trading through web-terminal. You can earn balls with web-terminal on Cryptorg.net. You need to trade on pair BTC/Solve on Bittrex. 1 ball = 0.1 BTC trading volume.


For each completed trading cycle on the exchange Bittrex on pair BTC-SOLVE users will receive X5 in the rating table.

In three weeks the winners are determined according to the Leaderboard. During the week prize money is credited to the balance of participants (funds are available only for tariffs activation in Cryptorg service). We are preparing for a new competition.


We can control only those transactions that are made from the Cryptorg service. If you carry out transactions directly on the exchange, such volumes cannot be counted.

Table of prizes

The prize Fund of this competition is 1000 USD (USDT coin).

1-5 place - 500 USDT (100 for each)
6-10 place - 300 USDT (60 for each)
11-20 place - 200 USDT (20 for each)

Parameters Data
Status Waiting
Exchanges Kucoin, Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex, Bitfinex, HitBTC
Sponsor of competition Solve.Care
Trading pairs All pairs on Cryptorg.net
Trading pairs of sponsor BTC-SOLVE (Bittrex)
Dates 28.01.2019 - 17.02.2019
Prize fund 1000 USDT
Terms of payment Within a week after the competition

Later on the same page, as well as in your account in the "competitions" section, you can track the results in real-time mode.

We are waiting for you among the contestants!

Предварительные результаты

Showing the first 30 places

Place Login Rating
1 Rodr******s 721.4885
2 Serg******v 633.9796
3 Frid******h 612.2000
4 Papi******a 566.6000
5 Papi******a 475.9355
6 Vita******k 443.8404
7 Anel******a 376.0000
8 Dmit******4 255.6666
9 Mars******s 203.5000
10 anto******9 195.0500
11 zhur******r 182.5000
12 hell******e 154.5000
13 Qual******t 148.7513
14 MOKO******O 145.2426
15 pawe******i 141.5000
16 Nord******k 134.9557
17 Dvor******f 131.2000
18 Ilia******k 130.4000
19 Baig******r 121.5833
20 Ivan******h 114.5595
21 DARM******E 113.3958
22 Alex******7 107.2000
23 mia1******2 106.6922
24 Kuzy******6 103.7532
25 plex******6 98.4000
26 Lyud******a 97.0000
27 pave******1 95.7619
28 exhu******n 88.5000
29 rago******a 84.2166
30 Kros******T 83.4000

About Solve.Care

The Solve.Care platform is a revolutionary healthcare administration platform designed for use by patients, employers, physicians, healthcare agencies, and insurance companies. The Solve.Care platform uses blockchain technology as the underlying distributed ledger for all care events between patient, doctor, pharmacy, laboratory, insurer, and other parties. Patients are empowered to manage their healthcare decisions. Employers can use the platform to administer benefits, reduce costs, and reward their employees. Physicians and hospitals can issue prescriptions, manage appointments, and coordinate with a specialist. The goal of the platform is to coordinate all stakeholders and eliminate inefficient processes and save millions of dollars in costs per year.

About Pradeep Goel, Solve.Care CEO

Pradeep has deep expertise in healthcare, human services, finance and technology. He has been in the CEO, COO, CIO and CTO roles at various innovative technology companies over the last 25 years.

Pradeep was deeply involved in designing and building solutions for public programs such as Medicaid, Children health insurance program, Medicare, SNAP/TANF, Child Welfare program, health insurance exchanges and health information exchanges.

He has worked for and with commercial insurance companies as the top technology executive, and implemented benefit administration, consumer engagement, claimed medication and payment systems.

During the last 25+ years, Pradeep has built 4 healthcare IT companies and has been at the top of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500, INC500/5000 fastest growing companies lists multiple times. Pradeep was included in the 100 most promising entrepreneurs globally, compiled by Goldman Sachs.