Duration from 19.11.2018 to 09.12.2018

New competition on Cryptorg.net

Dear friends, Cryptorg service continues a series of regular competitions with cash prizes.

You can continue trading on your favourite exchanges using the Cryptorg platform and get rewarded!

The third competition will last three weeks from 19.11.2018 to 09.12.2018 inclusive. The start and end time of the contest is 00: 00 GMT.

The competition will coincide with the coming New Year. We have prepared some gifts in the form of bonus coupons to be credited to the internal balance of Cryptorg for our users!

Who can participate in the competition?

Each user of Cryptorg service, who has an active account on one of the six connected exchanges, can participate in the contest. Even beginners of the service, who have free two-week test accounts, can take part in the contest.

The rules of the contest and selection of winners

The rules of the contest are very simple, you need to complete as many positive trading cycles as possible (the transaction must end with a take profit). Thus, participants will be able to compete for the victory not only with large deposits, but also those who competently choose trading pairs that bring the greatest profit. In the service Cryptorg there will be a special contest page, where online the rating table with nicknames of participants and amount of positively completed cycles will be generated. Each participant will be able to track the result and adjust their trading strategy.


For each completed trading cycle on the exchange HitBTC users will receive X3 in the rating table (one completed transaction will bring 3 rating points).

In three weeks the winners are determined according to the Leaderboard. During the week prize money is credited to the balance of participants (funds are available only for tariffs activation in Cryptorg service). We are preparing for a new competition.


We can control only those transactions that are made from the Cryptorg service. If you carry out transactions directly on the exchange, such volumes cannot be counted.

Table of prizes

The prize Fund of this competition is the equivalent of 1000 USD in bonus coupons.

1-3 place-$100 bonus coupons
4-10 place-$50 bonus coupons
11-20 place-$20 bonus coupons
21-30 place-$15 bonus coupons

Later on the same page, as well as in your account in the "competitions" section, you can track the results in real-time mode.

We are waiting for you among the contestants!

If You or Your company wishes to sponsor one of its regular competitions, email us at [email protected]

Current results

Showing the first 30 places

Place Login Points
1 Papi******a 23283
2 Deni******n 10308
3 dus******s 7645
4 Russ******n 5518
5 Vita******k 4425
6 Dima******o 4006
7 Serg******v 3880
8 Next******t 3860
9 Andr******7 3533
10 tros******n 3413
11 poli******5 3223
12 ERND******A 2975
13 Vlad******r 2905
14 MOKO******O 2827
15 Prof******t 2627
16 Geor******j 2546
17 Toka******4 2399
18 Paps******y 1915
19 Expo******s 1868
20 skyb******e 1720
21 sono******e 1642
22 Avdb******n 1627
23 toma******k 1622
24 tred******e 1615
25 Ultr******a 1553
26 Voki******l 1500
27 Vadi******7 1492
28 GLE4******s 1488
29 sp45******5 1450
30 Alte******o 1347