Duration from 22.09.2019 to 12.10.2019

Dear friends! Cryptorg continues a series of regular competitions with real cash prizes. This time the prize will be $ 4000! You can continue to trade on your favorite exchanges using Cryptorg and get rewards for it!

The competition will continue three weeks from 22 September 2019 till 12 October 2019. The competition starts and ends at 17:00 GMT. Sponsored by the Bankex.

Who can take a part in the competition?

Each user of the Cryptorg service who has an active account on one of the connected exchanges can take a part in the competition.

Rules of competition

You can earn rating points by trading using bots and manually via a web-terminal in Cryptorg.

1. Trading with bots. It is necessary to trade as much as possible on the BKX token. The volume is recording in the BKX/BTC trading pair on the Bittrex exchange and the BKX/BTC and BKX/USDT trading pairs on the OKEX and HitBTC exchange.

2. Manual trading. Also you can earn rating points by trading manually via our web-terminal with the BKX token in BKX/BTC and BKX/USDT pairs on the Bittrex, HitBTC and OKEX exchanges.

Calculation of points
1 point = $ 1 of the traded volume. Conversion from BTC to USD occurs in the end of a bot's deal at the exchange rate.


We can control only deals that were made using the Cryptorg service. Deals carried out directly on the exchange can’t be counted.

After three weeks, we will determinate winners according to the leaderboard. During the week winners will get their prizes on wallets. We are preparing a new competition.

Prize table

The prize fund of the competition is 348 000 BKX tokens (equivalent to 4,000 USD in BKX tokens at the time of the competition’s start).

1-5 place – 40% of the total prize fund
6-10 place – 30% of the total prize fund
11-20 place – 20% of the total prize fund
21-30 place – 10% of the total prize fund

Status Waiting
Exchanges Bittrex, OKEX, HitBtc
Sponsor of competition Bankex
Trading pairs BKX/BTC (Bittrex)
Dates 22.09.2019 - 12.10.2019
Prize fund 348 000 BKX (~4000 USD)
Terms of payment Within a week after the competition

You can track the results in real-time mode on this page or in your account in the "Competition" section.


Place Login Points
1 _zor******_ 48997.7630
2 ving******d 46773.9613
3 Sjov******x 39437.9764
4 Lara******E 36247.9669
5 ALFA******9 18648.9766
6 tut4******m 15846.7203
7 5ele******r 15300.0397
8 MRI_******8 13004.0673
9 vitA******u 12082.6537
10 Suri******m 10802.8711
11 rubi******r 9780.0671
12 polu******m 8694.9938
13 Dmir******m 8318.5871
14 Duso******4 7565.7738
15 Serg******v 7412.6721
16 mary******g 6812.9605
17 svaa******a 6624.7572
18 buni******u 5683.7405
19 Crez******r 5644.6199
20 Ster******p 5495.5372
21 real******u 4930.9272
22 moru******3 4178.1139
23 Qual******t 3764.0666
24 duse******m 3613.5039
25 dine******m 2484.2839
26 Papi******a 2084.6641
27 ssiK******m 1957.3146
28 faTi******e 1769.1113
29 vlad******z 1656.1893
30 moRo******m 1580.9079

About Bankex

Bankex — is a leading global financial technology company developing a tokenization ecosystem, providing technology and services at every stage. BANKEX operates a Proof-of-Asset Protocol to bring Bank-as-a-Service (BaaS) and blockchain together and facilitate the digitization, tokenization & exchange of traditional assets, ushering in a new era for finance and banking: Securitization 2.0.

With its Head Office in New York, business development office in Singapore, strategic partnership in Tokyo and engineering team in Moscow, BANKEX has a fast growing international award-winning team.

Token Bankex (BKX) is available to trade on Bittrex, OKEX, HitBTC, Hotbit, Upbit, Dcoin, DDEX and IDEX exchanges. More on Coinmarketcap

Services of company

At the moment, the company is actively working on its own wallet, the latest news can be found here


@mainwalletbot using this Telegram bot you can send a BKX token to your Telegram contact, your correspondent will receive an enrollment message and the wallet will automatically open. Using the bot, you can send and receive tokens. Soon, a lot of new exchange options and new services will appear in the bot.

Links of Bankex: